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By Amy Lignor

Great fun for students, parents, and assist art education.


When it comes to hosting one of the popular Artomé Virtual Art Shows, school art teachers and students are excited about the program.  Even though the 2020’s epidemic forced school closings, and a great many students are still learning away from school, Artomé’s “virtual” idea is still available for this school year and is now booking Virtual Art Shows for early next fall too. Now is the time to make your plans, create a great art project for students and provide for a significant fundraiser for art teachers.

Rising to the challenges that came with COVID-19, by creating their Virtual Art Shows, Artomé was able to assist schools in generating an excellent program for students, teachers, and parents during a difficult period.  Artome’s Virtual Art Shows are able to help students learn, grow, create, and enjoy art by giving them a way to make their works of art that are then placed in a framed “virtual” art gallery. Once displayed there, invited parents, family members, and entire communities can get in on the fun, go online, and purchase their students professionally framed artwork. Art teachers receive a proton of sales to assist with funding art education projects.



Artome Virtual Art Shows will assist art teachers and is fun for students too!


With an epidemic that sorely affected the world of education, Artomé continued to be a valuable resource for all schools when it came to placing focus on schools’ much-needed art programs. And by going virtual, they found a way where everyone involved could stay safe. Innovation has been the key, and now Artome has unveiled its newest feature for their Virtual Art Show in the form of the “Responsive Framer.”

This feature allows Artomé to frame any digital image of any size easily. Students can simply upload an art image and directly enter it into their school’s show. Perfect for capturing remote artwork, all the company needs are a scanned image, and it can literally be uploaded in seconds. This is yet another benefit of the many services Artomé provides that makes the Virtual Art Show program a perfect partner for Elementary, Middle Schools, or High Schools for in-school or remote learning programs.

In fact, Artome can assist art teachers with a great fundraiser and art project for virtually any school, including smaller schools, as well as the largest school in your city. In fact, the largest Virtual Art Show currently running is Chestatee Elementary in Gainesville, GA., with almost 1,250 students!


Artome Virtual Art Show

Large schools! Not a Problem with Artome’s Virtual Art Show


But in fact, Atom’s Virtual Art Shows can work with just about any school, including the current show for Independent School with close to 250 students in Wichita, KS.


Artome Virtual Art Show Independent School

Artome’s Virtual Art Show will work with the smallest Elementary school to the largest High School!


Regardless of your school size and the number of art students, Artome can provide a great, safe, and fun project for students, parents as well as assisting art teachers in funding their art budgets for art education in tight budget years. There is no debate that having an Artomé Virtual Art Show aids every school, every grade, and every student. Safety is preserved, the art teachers raise funds, and it is fun!

There is still plenty of time for your school to get in on the action now. Plus, art educators and schools are thrilled to book their show for the early Fall school year seeing as that there is no better way to kick off the next school year than by having a stunning Artomé Virtual Art Show. Plus, if you book your Fall show now, those fantastic, one-of-a-kind works of art by students will be the absolute coolest presents when Christmas comes around next year!

There is a great need for Art Educators to be more resourceful in generating funds to support their programs. These shows have already proven to be a significant resource to help fund many of your program needs. By having your own Artomé Art Show, you can help stretch your school’s budget. Simply go online at https://Artomé.com/home-page/schedule-a-show to request more information or request additional information at

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