Zoe Speaks at The Library Theatre in Hoover, February 22 – 23

Date: February 22 – February 23, 2017

Time: 7:30 pm

Originally slated on our 11th season, Zoe Speaks is a musical group we have never forgotten and whose CDs have charmed our CD players for more than a decade. At the time of their performance back in 2003, Zoey Raven, daughter of lead singers Mitch Barrett and Carla Gover, was just a baby. Now, 13 years later, Zoe not only speaks – she sings. With the addition of Owen Reynolds on bass, Zoe Speaks is back to wow audiences with their deep roots and musical synergy. A smooth, mellow instrumental mix lays the background for the close vocal harmonies that are a defining feature of their sound. From traditional ballads to finely crafted, award-winning originals, this trio creates its own style of music, and often accompanies themselves on guitar, claw hammer banjo, upright bass, dulcimers and occasionally clogging feet.

The Library Theatre
200 Municipal Ln.
Hoover, AL 35216