Okey Dokey at Saturn Birmingham, February 23

Date: February 23, 2017

Time: 8:00 pm

You can’t fully appreciate the long history of recorded music without taking time to look back at the breakups. Whether it’s for good or for the season, Okey Dokey is the product of that natural reformation that occurs when musicians part ways. Fronted by visual artist Aaron Martin and The Weeks’ guitarist Johny Fisher, the live band features a shifting cast of local talent. Including members of The Weeks, Sol Cat, Desert Noises, Diane Coffee, and Wild Child, Okey Dokey will add to the roster moving into the Spring of 2016 with the release of their upcoming full length album, ‘Love You, Mean It.’

Saturn Birmingham
200 41st St S
Birmingham, AL 35222
(205) 703-9545